Google pays $550,000 for security holes in Android

androidsecureA number of white hat security resources have taken up Google on their plans to for identified security holes. In fact, over 80 people have been paid $550,000, or just over $6k each, for finding these vulnerabilities. It is great to see these efforts to protect everyone’s personal information safe. Lets hope Google continues working with white hat hackers to keep the Android community safe.



From CNET:

The company launched the Android Security Rewards program in June 2015 in an attempt to harden the software. Google offered up to $30,000 for vulnerabilities. Although nobody received that amount, one researcher called heisecode was paid $75,750 for 26 vulnerability reports, Google said in a blog post Thursday.

Security holes can be used obtain personal data and gain access to other computing systems. Even bug bounties from Google and other software makers aren’t the only way to make money from vulnerabilities. The FBI reportedly paid less than $1 million for a hack that let it access an iPhone used by Syed Farook, a shooter in December’s San Bernardino terror attack.

For the Android security bounty program’s second year, Google raised reward levels in several cases. For the most complete type of Android takeover method, Google now will pay $50,000, up from $30,000.

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Finally! New Android App Gives an Easy Way to Share Real-Time Location

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Share My Location: GPS Tracker – Android Apps on Google Play



You can now share your location in real-time with your family, friends, customers, or anybody else in the world! The new Share Your Location GPS Tracker app is easy to use and super accurate. And, as an added bonus, it’s free!

Here’s how it works. The app uses Google Maps to pinpoint your exact location. Then it creates a random identifier specifically for your phone. Click the “Share” button and you will be able to send your special link with anyone you choose. As you move, the app continues to update your location with those you shared the URL with. When you are finished sharing your location, simply hit the “Stop” option and no more updates will be made.

It’s even easy to erase your last location. Press the “reset” button and the app will erase your last location and create a new URL for next time.

One thing I love about this app are all the ways they allow you to share. The Android location app works via SMS, email, Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, and a number of different services. It makes for a super user friendly app.

And they take your privacy into account too. Only those who receive the URL can see your location. The app never stores any of your personal information and you don’t even need to create account to use it!

The simple interface makes this app very easy to use. Whether you are using this app to meet up with friends or as a personal safety precaution, this Android location app is a useful addition to anyone’s home screen.

This GPS location app is simple, user-friendly, highly accurate, and it really comes in handy. The Share Your Location GPS Tracker app is an absolute essential for anyone with a smartphone!

You can download the app here:

More info here:


10 Essential Apps for Rooted Android

While you enjoy exploring your rooted Android device, you will find that there are many apps for rooted Android. It can be hard to decide what to use and what not. Our goal is to bring apps for rooted Android closer to you. I have compiled a list of the 10 most essential apps for rooted Android.

10 Essential Apps for Rooted Android


1.  F-Droid


F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device. On F-Droid you will find all sort of open source applications for Android making it one of the best rooted Android apps.

2. AdFree

Is there something worse then pop-up commercials in games? Dude! I just wan to play that game! Well, AdFree will help solve that problem. AdFree Android is an Android utility that modifies your phone’s host file to block ads.

3. Orange backup

Orange Backup

Backup! Backup! Backup! Always do backup. Just like with computers, backup is essential for phones and tablets. With this rooted app you are able to backup your entire Android system and have the possibility of storing your backup to cloud servers.

4. Chainfire 3d

Are stuck on Froyo? Do not worry, there are some apps for rooted Android that can help you. One of them is Chainfire 3D. Chainfire 3D serves as middle man between apps and graphics and allows disable or enable graphics.

5. DataSync


Do you have more than one Android device? Well then you know how hard it is to sync data between them. But, look no further! DataSync is here! This rooted app will help you with syncing all your Android devices.

6. Samba file sharing

OK, hands up who has never heard about Samba! Samba file sharing for Android projects your SD card and broadcasts it over network for you to access files. Settings are similar as those on your desktop computer. Samba is one of the coolest apps for rooted Android. Samba is Samba :)

7. CatLog


CatLog is an app for rooted phones that will help you to find details about everything that is going on with your Android phone. CatLog is an essential tool for testers and developers.

8. Root Unistaller

So you have finally rooted your Android phone. Your next step is to remove all that bloateware from it. Root Uninstaller will help you to remove any bloatware, unwanted application and free some space. It comes in free and in paid versions. One of the best apps for rooted Android.

9. AFWall+


AFWall+ or Android firewall helps you to restrict access to data networks. This not only will save your battery life, AFWall+ will make your rooted Android device more secure.

10. Root Browser

To be real, smartphones and tablets are computers. Today’s phones are thousands times more powerful than the computers that NASA had for bringing people to Moon. And what is an operating system without file management? It is useless. Root Browser is one of best Android file browser out there and one of must have apps for rooted Android.

This is our short overview of essential apps for rooted android phones. This is an result of our endeavor to bring you closer with best apps available for your phone. And it is not the only one. With time we will update our list and inform you of the latest rooted apps!