10 Essential Apps for Rooted Android

While you enjoy exploring your rooted Android device, you will find that there are many apps for rooted Android. It can be hard to decide what to use and what not. Our goal is to bring apps for rooted Android closer to you. I have compiled a list of the 10 most essential apps for rooted Android.

10 Essential Apps for Rooted Android


1.  F-Droid


F-Droid is an installable catalog of FOSS (Free and Open Source Software) applications for the Android platform. The client makes it easy to browse, install, and keep track of updates on your device. On F-Droid you will find all sort of open source applications for Android making it one of the best rooted Android apps.

2. AdFree

Is there something worse then pop-up commercials in games? Dude! I just wan to play that game! Well, AdFree will help solve that problem. AdFree Android is an Android utility that modifies your phone’s host file to block ads.

3. Orange backup

Orange Backup

Backup! Backup! Backup! Always do backup. Just like with computers, backup is essential for phones and tablets. With this rooted app you are able to backup your entire Android system and have the possibility of storing your backup to cloud servers.

4. Chainfire 3d

Are stuck on Froyo? Do not worry, there are some apps for rooted Android that can help you. One of them is Chainfire 3D. Chainfire 3D serves as middle man between apps and graphics and allows disable or enable graphics.

5. DataSync


Do you have more than one Android device? Well then you know how hard it is to sync data between them. But, look no further! DataSync is here! This rooted app will help you with syncing all your Android devices.

6. Samba file sharing

OK, hands up who has never heard about Samba! Samba file sharing for Android projects your SD card and broadcasts it over network for you to access files. Settings are similar as those on your desktop computer. Samba is one of the coolest apps for rooted Android. Samba is Samba :)

7. CatLog


CatLog is an app for rooted phones that will help you to find details about everything that is going on with your Android phone. CatLog is an essential tool for testers and developers.

8. Root Unistaller

So you have finally rooted your Android phone. Your next step is to remove all that bloateware from it. Root Uninstaller will help you to remove any bloatware, unwanted application and free some space. It comes in free and in paid versions. One of the best apps for rooted Android.

9. AFWall+


AFWall+ or Android firewall helps you to restrict access to data networks. This not only will save your battery life, AFWall+ will make your rooted Android device more secure.

10. Root Browser

To be real, smartphones and tablets are computers. Today’s phones are thousands times more powerful than the computers that NASA had for bringing people to Moon. And what is an operating system without file management? It is useless. Root Browser is one of best Android file browser out there and one of must have apps for rooted Android.

This is our short overview of essential apps for rooted android phones. This is an result of our endeavor to bring you closer with best apps available for your phone. And it is not the only one. With time we will update our list and inform you of the latest rooted apps!





Hot or Not for Android: This is a simple app to help you find out who is Hot is around you, and how hot you are! You can sign into Hot or Not for Android through Facebook, upload your best pictures, and start playing to discover the hottest people nearby. Wherever you head to – a music event or college campus – you can check who is hot, and how hot you are.



Onefootball Brazil: Hope you already got what this app is for! Well, there is something big is to take place in Brazil this summer; soccer World Cup. So, obviously, an app for football updates and news will be one of the best Android apps for June. You have plenty of World Cup Android apps for fresh updates, news and statistics. But Onefootball Brazil is one of the best, and the soccer fans would love this app.


Secret: It is a confessional app, and it has been there for iOS for a while. It has made its way to Android late last month. Android users can now use the anonymous judgment-free Android app to tell their inmost thoughts and share secret plans. Of course, Secret is an interesting and funny app, and so can be one of the best Android apps of the month.


Sunrise Calendar
Sunrise Calendar: Like its name, Sunrise Calendar is an awesome app, and it has been receiving plenty of acclaim on iOS for a while. The app is now up for Android with a neat interface and cool features. Well, it syncs with Google Calendar, and is a nice widget for quick access to your dairy.


IFTTT: This is a superb Android app; it automates your life in many ways, based on the statement, “if this, then that.” The app is designed to set your phone or tablet auto-complete several tasks. See, for example, you can preset when your phone should go silent, what your phone should send to a caller, whose call you just missed and like that. Released on 30th May, IFTTT will certainly be one of the best Android apps of June.




In the Play Store, you have many more quality apps for various propose. Android users are always excited to check out Play Store quite often to find the newest best Android apps to just hit the market! It is always nice to discover the best apps, and check if they are helpful for one’s entertainment or work. Check out more great summer Android apps at Heavy and The Guardian.

Fastest Android Phone

What do you think the fastest Android phone is? All key tech makers build high-end phones to meet with the needs of the huge varieties of customers. It is not easy to find the fastest Android phone. In terms of popularity or style, we can simply judge what the best Android phone is. But it is tough to pick out a phone that works faster and smarter. Here we make a run-through some of the best Android handsets out in market.

Fastest Android Phone

Is HTC’s new flagship the One M8 the fastest Android phone out there?  Do you think so? Well, the One M8, second upgrade to HTC One, is a brilliant package of camera, sound, impressive design and better processor speed. In particular, it boasts Duo camera and Boomsound to become one of the nicest Android phones ever. Under the hood, the new HTC One has a whopping quad-core 2.3GHz Snapdragon 801 processor and 2GB of RAM.

LG G2, recently upgraded to LG G3, is yet another handset that can also win the title of the fastest Android phone in stores. LG G2 hit market back in September 2013, and its fresh upgrade is just to roll out to global markets. For sure, LG G2 is a great handset. It has lifted intense threat to all popular models like Samsung’s Galaxy S5, HTC One and Sony Xperia Z lines.

How do see Sony’s brand new Xperia Z2? Is it the fastest Android phone Sony has ever produced? It looks so. The Sonly flagship can make a big penetration to the world smartphone market this year. Unveiled early this year, Xperia Z2 is one of the hottest top-tier Android phones.

You are lucky to have IP58 certification for the Z2 like its predecessor the Z1, making it one of the rare high-end phones with water and dust resistant capability. The new Sony flagship is running on a Snapdragon 801 processor inside a 2.3GHz quad core processor, and 3GB of RAM. Its camera part is quite stronger with a gigantic 20.7MP sensor.

There is no sense to conclude this discussion without talking about a Sammy flagship. Well, we take Galaxy Note 3 that you may argue as the fastest Android phone over all the above ones. Yes, it has the reason. The Note 3 is a magical product, which shows off largely affluent specs. Samsung hasn’t skimped on both its internals and outer look. The Note 3 packs a Snapdragon 800 CPU inside with a huge 3GB of RAM. It sports a larger 5.7-inch Super AMOLED FullHD screen, as well.

Yet another possible best Android phone in market is Samsung’s Galaxy S5. This is the most recent upgrade to Samsung’s vastly famous Galaxy S series. By the way, as per rumors, Samsung is reportedly to replace its S series with a brand new F series. Anyways, the S5 remains top on the list of the best Android phones, thanks to an awesome pack of specs like 5.1-inch FullHD screen, Snapdragon 801 quad core processor, and a 16MP camera.

There won’t have an end for the search for the fastest Android phone. It is a time of period, where all big and small-time players in tech making produce premium handsets, for Android especially. Every device will have different highlights and features. Still, most companies will try to make sure that their product will do better in performance ground.