You need to be very careful with your timing when buying a new Android phone. Would you plan to upgrade your handset or want to buy a fresh model? Of course, there are too many models already in stores, but if you are patient, it is better to wait a while. All main tech builders are working vigorously on their latest models for the year. As every year, we will have at least ten high-end upcoming Android phones for release throughout the first several months of the year. Below, we take a look into the rumors about five highly anticipated Android phones. Galaxy Note 4 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: After Galaxy S line, Galaxy Note is Samsung’s most revered series of Android phones. So the rumored Note 4 has a lofty position in the list of the upcoming Android phones for 2014. It was in a surprising way that Samsung could pioneer and establish dominance in the phablet category. No other firm including Sony and LG could break in to the solid turf of Samsung. The Galaxy Note 4 is said to mount a massive 6-inch Super AMOLED screen, with its resolution bumping up past 1080p. The device will most likely feature industry-leading specs in processor, RAM, camera and all other internal and aesthetic aspects.

2. The Next Nexus:

Will the next Nexus be called Nexus 6? There is little chance for such a naming by Google, because Nexus 6 will be awfully close to Nexus 7. Customers may get confused. Anyway, it was a glad coincidence that the last year Nexus 5 has a 5-inch screen, but we are not sure what size the next Nexus might be. LG made the last two Nexuses. And could we expect a switch to another firm this time?

3. Motorola Moto X2 or Moto X+:

After taken over by Google, Motorola last year amazed us all with a brilliant Android phone, Moto X. The handset offered us one of the most refined and bright user experiences. Certainly, we are going to get a cool upgrade for Moto X called either Moto X2 or Moto X+. But as a Lenovo subsidiary now, less is known about the new Moto X that may surely be one of the best upcoming Android phones.

4. LG G3:

Slowly LG has become a well-known Android OEM in the world. It has now switched its focus from mid-range phones to stylish and feature-higher-end models. LG should be thankful to Google for the chance given to produce Nexus phones twice. It was a gateway for LG to grab foothold in the top-tier mobile market. The phone expected from LG this year is LG G3, the third edition to its G series after G and G2.

5. Samsung Galaxy F: 

It is heard that the Galaxy S5 is going to be replaced by a new series, called the Galaxy F, not Galaxy S6. Reports also talk about a Galaxy S5 Prime as the next edition Samsung flagship. Samsung just released the S5, shortly after they usually release a rugged model, or a smaller version for people who dislike the large handheld devices, so we should be seeing another product in the near future as well as updated versions of the S5. Check outGeek for more info on upcoming Android phones.

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