You need to be very careful with your timing when buying a new Android phone. Would you plan to upgrade your handset or want to buy a fresh model? Of course, there are too many models already in stores, but if you are patient, it is better to wait a while. All main tech builders are working vigorously on their latest models for the year. As every year, we will have at least ten high-end upcoming Android phones for release throughout the first several months of the year. Below, we take a look into the rumors about five highly anticipated Android phones. Galaxy Note 4 1. Samsung Galaxy Note 4: After Galaxy S line, Galaxy Note is Samsung’s most revered series of Android phones. So the rumored Note 4 has a lofty position in the list of the upcoming Android phones for 2014. It was in a surprising way that Samsung could pioneer and establish dominance in the phablet category. No other firm including Sony and LG could break in to the solid turf of Samsung. The Galaxy Note 4 is said to mount a massive 6-inch Super AMOLED screen, with its resolution bumping up past 1080p. The device will most likely feature industry-leading specs in processor, RAM, camera and all other internal and aesthetic aspects.

2. The Next Nexus:

Will the next Nexus be called Nexus 6? There is little chance for such a naming by Google, because Nexus 6 will be awfully close to Nexus 7. Customers may get confused. Anyway, it was a glad coincidence that the last year Nexus 5 has a 5-inch screen, but we are not sure what size the next Nexus might be. LG made the last two Nexuses. And could we expect a switch to another firm this time?

3. Motorola Moto X2 or Moto X+:

After taken over by Google, Motorola last year amazed us all with a brilliant Android phone, Moto X. The handset offered us one of the most refined and bright user experiences. Certainly, we are going to get a cool upgrade for Moto X called either Moto X2 or Moto X+. But as a Lenovo subsidiary now, less is known about the new Moto X that may surely be one of the best upcoming Android phones.

4. LG G3:

Slowly LG has become a well-known Android OEM in the world. It has now switched its focus from mid-range phones to stylish and feature-higher-end models. LG should be thankful to Google for the chance given to produce Nexus phones twice. It was a gateway for LG to grab foothold in the top-tier mobile market. The phone expected from LG this year is LG G3, the third edition to its G series after G and G2.

5. Samsung Galaxy F: 

It is heard that the Galaxy S5 is going to be replaced by a new series, called the Galaxy F, not Galaxy S6. Reports also talk about a Galaxy S5 Prime as the next edition Samsung flagship. Samsung just released the S5, shortly after they usually release a rugged model, or a smaller version for people who dislike the large handheld devices, so we should be seeing another product in the near future as well as updated versions of the S5. Check outGeek for more info on upcoming Android phones.

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What are the top and best Five Android Podcast Clients? 



Are you new to podcasts? Want to listen to your favorite celebrities, comedians, and writers? Podcasts are nothing new, but they are starting to gain a lot of popularity over the past 2 or 3 years. Podcasts still have a wide reach, though social media sites of different varieties look to raise good challenge. Well, there are still many people who subscribe to different podcast stuff including video and audio to listen to their favorite music, TV shows and other streams of content. What are the best Android podcast clients?

If you are an Android fan, you have tons of cool podcast apps that will tie you in with your most-wanted content. Podcasting apps or podcatchers do more than just playing your podcasts today. The best-in-class Android podcast apps do a lot of extra tasks including automatic download of the latest content of your subscribed podcasts, support for Chromecast and more. After the break, we’ve our list of the best Android podcast apps. Look into the list and find a nice podcatcher to subscribe to your content.

Pocket Casts

Pocket Casts is first up on our list. It is a nice Android podcatcher with a brilliant and colorful interface. It has been my favorite podcast client for Android. The latest update has made the app rather outstanding with a cool design and a catalog of new features. The folks at Shifty Jelly have designed the Android podcast app with a variety of features including cloud sync, video support, faster playback and Chromecast support.

You won’t find it hard to enjoy the best podcasts with Pocket Casts. The app furnishes you fresh and the latest podcast content from all kinds of various subject areas. Well, if you look for the best podcast app for your Android device, it is a nice pick. Its developers offer the best changelogs for the app anywhere in Play Store. The app comes for $3.99.


BeyondPod is not as beautiful as Pocket Casts when it comes to interface, but is one of worthy podcast apps out there. Would you be interested in dealing with a wide spectrum of podcasts? Then, BeyondPod is a brilliant option because it has a better facility to let you navigate a lot of content. Apart from that, it boasts a notable playback option too.

Further, you have exclusive options to control the podcast downloads. The fine grained podcast download settings in the app let you check how much the app downloads in background. Moreover, the Android podcast app is rich with a lot of other features including Chromecast support, cool homescreen widgets and more. But the app is a bit pricier at $6.99. As far as its features are concerned, it is worth the price, indeed.


It is one of the free Android podcast apps you can find on Play Store. Well, you can download AntennaPod for no cost in your Android device as it is an open source project. Still, it provides you great podcasting functionality with a lot of content and a number of features. It gives you access to the podcast directory so that you have too many content to enjoy. It also extends support for OPML, RSS and Atom.

Moreover, the podcast client offers you home and lockscreen widgets, thus giving you quick access to your favorite podcasts. That means you can start, pause and resume podcast playback without the need to open the app completely. Downloading podcast is also easy on AntennaPod. It lets you stream on demand video and automatically download fresh content in background. Still the biggest plus is that it charges you zero.


DoggCatcher has a very busy interface, but is certainly one of the best and easy to use podcast apps. Its cluttered interface doesn’t make it non-preferable, because it is easy to use. You get a lot of content for your search so that you can find the best podcasts as per your tastes. The Android podcast app supports both video and audio and you can play your podcasts straight from the app. DoggCatcher has a few customization options, but is still known as one of the best Android podcasting apps. It is also available for free download on Play Store.

TuneIn Radio

It is the last in our list, but not the least, because TuneIn Radio is not a regular Android podcastapp like the ones we have discussed above. It is a self-sufficient podcast platform that offers you a wide range of its own content in different forms. The TuneIn Radio network boasts a fairly extensive 100000 radio shows as well as over 4 million podcasts. It is also available for free download, and you can use the app to have a new experience with numerous podcasts from its own network.

This list of Android podcast clients is not a comprehensive one. You have a lot of other options too. We have compiled the list from the famous items out there. Hope you could find a nice podcast client from the list, if not you have many other sources on web too.

What Android podcast app do you use? Please let us know in the comments section. You can also find more information about Android podcasts at Android Authority and Toms Guide.

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A puzzle game is an app which examines the intelligence and knowledge of the solver. Android puzzle games are one of the most popular game apps on the Android platform, they make great time killers! Puzzle games increase your skills like logic, strategy, pattern, sequence, word solving and guessing. If you are a puzzle games lover and are searching for best Android puzzle games, then here is the list of top 5 best Android puzzle games.

1. 2048 Number puzzle game


2048 puzzle game


At present 2048 Number puzzle game is one of the best Android puzzle games. Estoty Entertainment Lab is the developer of this game. In 2048 game you have to create a 2048 tile in every level. You have to swipe to move the tiles. When two tiles with the same number touch, they merge into one.

In 2048 puzzle app there has some good features for which you will be addicted to play this game.

-Works on almost all versions of all Android devices

-Night mode for playing in bed

-You can keep playing for High-score after collected 2048 tile

2. Where’s My Water?


Where's My Water 2


Another best Android puzzle game is Where’s My Water? 2. One of the top Android apps and Android puzzle games developers, Disney is the creator of this game. Are you ready to join with Swampy, Allie and Cranky on their next exciting adventure? After success of top Android puzzle game Where’s My Water? Disney launches its second version. In this game you will get three brand new locations including the sewer, the soap factory and the beach.

In this Android game there have some key features. They are-

-More than 100+ exciting levels with brand new locations

-All levels all puzzles are free

-Introducing ‘Challenge Modes’ to replay the levels in new ways

-If you stuck on a level, you will get hints to solve the puzzle.

3. Flow Free

Flow Free

Flow free is a simple addictive Android puzzle game. It is one of the best same color dot matching Android puzzle games. Flow Free is developed by Big Duck Games LLC. In this game you have to connect same color dots to create a flow.

Flow Free puzzle game key features:

-Over 1000 free puzzles

-Free play and time trial modes

-Colorful graphics

-Exciting sound effects

4. Cut the Rope: Experiments FREE

Cut The Rope Experiments

Cut the Rope: Experiments is the latest version of one of the best Android puzzle games ‘Cut the Rope’. The little green monster Om Nom and Professor a mad scientist are back. In this game you have to use suction cups and various funny instruments to collect shiny gold stars and unlock new levels.

Key features of this Android puzzle app:

-Innovative and exciting physics gameplay

-Awesome graphics

-Various superpowers

-Constant free updates with new levels and animations

-200 levels with brain teasing puzzles

5. CSI: Hidden Crimes

CSI Hidden Crimes

One of the leading Android apps, Android games developer Ubisoft Entertainment has launched this top Android puzzle game. CSI: Hidden Crimes is hidden object finding puzzle games. In this puzzle app you have to find clues of various crimes in Las Vegas.

Key features:

-Free to play hidden objects game

-Wonderful graphics

-Exciting sound effects

-A real TV show experience

-Real life case study experience

Above top 5 best Android puzzle games has been selected according to how many Android users download these puzzle apps and their release dates. All Android games, which are included in this list, are the new top android puzzle games. So you will get new puzzles, new environments to play all these android games. Hurry up and download these exciting and best android puzzle games to get extreme brain teasing experiment.


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