Hot or Not for Android: This is a simple app to help you find out who is Hot is around you, and how hot you are! You can sign into Hot or Not for Android through Facebook, upload your best pictures, and start playing to discover the hottest people nearby. Wherever you head to – a music event or college campus – you can check who is hot, and how hot you are.



Onefootball Brazil: Hope you already got what this app is for! Well, there is something big is to take place in Brazil this summer; soccer World Cup. So, obviously, an app for football updates and news will be one of the best Android apps for June. You have plenty of World Cup Android apps for fresh updates, news and statistics. But Onefootball Brazil is one of the best, and the soccer fans would love this app.


Secret: It is a confessional app, and it has been there for iOS for a while. It has made its way to Android late last month. Android users can now use the anonymous judgment-free Android app to tell their inmost thoughts and share secret plans. Of course, Secret is an interesting and funny app, and so can be one of the best Android apps of the month.


Sunrise Calendar
Sunrise Calendar: Like its name, Sunrise Calendar is an awesome app, and it has been receiving plenty of acclaim on iOS for a while. The app is now up for Android with a neat interface and cool features. Well, it syncs with Google Calendar, and is a nice widget for quick access to your dairy.


IFTTT: This is a superb Android app; it automates your life in many ways, based on the statement, “if this, then that.” The app is designed to set your phone or tablet auto-complete several tasks. See, for example, you can preset when your phone should go silent, what your phone should send to a caller, whose call you just missed and like that. Released on 30th May, IFTTT will certainly be one of the best Android apps of June.




In the Play Store, you have many more quality apps for various propose. Android users are always excited to check out Play Store quite often to find the newest best Android apps to just hit the market! It is always nice to discover the best apps, and check if they are helpful for one’s entertainment or work. Check out more great summer Android apps at Heavy and The Guardian.

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