Android 4.3 Updates headed to Sprint and US Cellular Galaxy S III’s

Looks like a fantastic weekend before the holidays for Sprint and US Cellular customers sporting a Samsung Galaxy S III. Starting today, both carriers will be rolling out Android 4.3 updates to their S III users.

The update brings some great things along with it for you guys. Of course there’s the obvious of moving to 4.3, but it also brings the premium suit features like the Multi-Window function from the Galaxy S 4 along with support for the Samsung Galaxy Gear smartwatch.


Sprint Samsung Galaxy S III OTA ANdroid 4.3
Sprint Galaxy S III


Android 4.3 OTS Samsung Galaxy S III US Cellular
US Cellular Galaxy S III


The update appears to be rolling out in a typical OTA fashion. Meaning that it is probably staged and you might not see it right away. It is interesting that neither companies update page mentions anything about the update being live in Samsung Kies for manual update.  I am sure someone will check into that and let us know. If you do see the update prompt on your device, be sure you have a good charge on your device, more than 50% is recommended, but I like to start over 75% just to be safe. A solid Wi-Fi connection is good as well. Make sure you have ample time to download and install.

Let us know how your Galaxy S III performs and what you think about it.

Via Android Police 1 & 2

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