Are you thinking of jumping into the world of Android game development? Android is known for its open nature, and thereby the Android operating system is open to all developers too! This means anyone can design and develop Android games and apps! However, keep in mind that Android game development or any such creative work is not as easy as it is conceived. As far as I think, you should basically have an inventive mind to make Android games. It is an uphill struggle that grabs a lot of your time and efforts. Today I’m going to tell you about 5 of the most popular Android game development engines, with these Android game engines, you can develop almost any Android game.


It is a Java game development framework that works on OpenGL ES. I personally like this Android development tool because it is a cross-platform game engine, meaning that you can run it on various devices like Windows, Mac OS, Android, iOS and more. LibGDX is also a powerful game engine for the Android platform. Of course, it has some drawbacks too. Its Wizard and related components are not that easy and friendly to developers.


It is yet another highly recommended Android game development tool. This project is exclusively built for developing 2D games for the Android platform with as much as speed possible. Thanks to its complete coding in Java, you get a kind of freedom to overload and edit each object for your liking. I think Angle’s major drawback is the lack of sufficient documentation. You get only limited sample tutorials with the codes. You have to have a lot of Java knowledge to really get anything done.


It is also another OpenGL ES technology-based Android game development tool. AndEngine framework is not anything outstanding, and it is a little mediocre on performance. This game engine also feels like it is coming up short of a lot of development documentations, but luckily you get more code samples. Making Android game development on this Android engine pretty easy. Android 2.2 or above is the minimum operating environment for it.


It is a 3D Android graphics engine based on Java. The OpenGL technology engine offers strong Java 3D solutions. The jPCT game engine is mainly known for its backwards compatibility. When it comes to PC environment, it even runs in the JVM1.1 as long as the graphics rendering jPCT internal interfaces conform to all Java 1.1 specifications. jPCT is surely one of the best and free Android game development engines out there.


Alien3d is a very small volume Android 3D game engine, again based on OpenGL ES technology. The volume of the engine is compressed using various functions as a multi-jar release, thus limiting the core file to only about 40KB and the entire jar is compressed to less than 150KB. This is a great engine for developing Android 3d games, keeping things super simple.

If you have an awesome idea for an Android game, one of the listed Android game development engines will surely fit your needs!. There are a myriad of other ways you can bring your Android game development dreams to reality. Common issues with most of the game engines is the lack of enough documentation. You have to be pretty strong in coding before you can really get started. It may make things a bit tough for a beginner to start with. But you can learn the tips to use the tools from other sources on web – like forums, blogs and Android game development tutorials. Are you an Android game developer?

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