April Android distribution numbers released, Jelly Bean up to 28.4%

Android distribution numbers have been released for the month of April by Android Developers and the news is everything we’ve expected. These distribution numbers only include active Android device, which is any device that has been on Google Play in the last two weeks.

Android distributionEveryone loves a good pie chart right? Compared to last month’s statistics, Jelly Bean is the only build of Android showing significant growth as it increased from a 25% share to 28.4%. This is obviously expected as more devices move to Jelly Bean and indeed, all other builds experienced some decrease in distribution share. The most drastic of these was Ice Cream Sandwich dipping from 29.3% to 27.5% and being overtaken by Jelly Bean.

Moving forward, we are definitely expecting Android 4.3 now, so this may mean an even more accelerated migration to Jelly Bean whenever it is released as well as the gradual consolidation of older phones to Jelly Bean. This will definitely be aided by the news that Key Lime Pie will be delayed till a later date, and hopefully gives Android OEM’s that chance to catch up and get a few more phones upgraded.

Are these figures surprising? I’m pretty impressed 1.7% of the active Android base is still on Eclair. Let us know your thoughts.

Source: Phandroid, Android Developers


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