Best Buy to release Insignia Flex Android Tablet November 11th

You know what we need? We need Best Buy to make an Android tablet. Oh you don’t think so?  Well me neither.  It doesn’t matter what you or I think. Best Buy’s house brand Insignia is set to release an Android Tablet On November 11th.  The Insignia Flex has a 9.7 inch screen , a 1Ghz dual core CPU and is running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich. Only sad part is that’s all we know we have no idea of what type of screen or CPU is being used. It’s also said to have 10 hour battery life bet we do not know the conditions that was achieved in. What we do know is its said to be around the $250 range. With that low of a price point maybe we shouldn’t know the specs. I don’t want to make a judgement to soon but this seems it could be a low-end tablet.  To get to such a low price point corners would have had to been cut. I would love to see a quality 10 inch tablet at this price point. Hopefully we get concrete  information in the coming  weeks.


Source: Facebook

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