Better late than never?? HTC Thunderbolt getting a dose of Ice Cream Sandwich Soon

Do you guys remember about a year ago when a Ice Cream Sandwich was being tested on the HTC Thunderbolt? For some odd reason I do. I went and looked it up. It was at the beginning of March 2012. We had screenshots to prove it and everything. That was really the last time we posted about the Thunderbolt and ICS. Other than a list of devices said to get ICS from Verizon that landed later in the month. Even though you, and many of us, had completely given up hope of the TBolt seeing any signs of life in the new era of Android, Verizon posts a PDF referring to a new update on the way.

HTC Thunderbolt
Seriously…. Apparently nearly a year later, Verizon and HTC have worked the bugs out of the ICS update for the Thunderbolt. Anyone still sporting a stock TBolt will be seeing an update in the very near future to software version 7.02.605.06 710RD; Baseband: 8K: 9 K: That would be Android 4.0.4 Ice Cream Sandwich. Along with a usage center, face unlock, homescreen folder creations and recent apps multitasking feature, you will be excited to know that you will also be greeted with HTC Sense 3.6 and a customizable launcher bar.  Oh, let us not forget the ability to pull down the notification bar on the lock screen and being able to swipe away a notification without even unlocking your device.

Personally, I have nothing against anyone that is still using this device currently. I am more disappointed that HTC and Verizon took this long to bring it about. It is almost a slap in the face to all who bought the Thunderbolt. I know I expected more from the largest carrier in the U.S. and a prominent manufactures, at the time. I would really love to know how many people out there still even have this device, or at least have this device stock and use it daily still. I know I had my Samsung Vibrant long past its expiration date.

We are glad to see the Verizon and HTC didn’t give up on their promise to update this device to ICS. It is sure to be a welcomed sight to those still using the device. As for when it will it, that info isn’t know just yet. Usually if Verizon posts up a PDF outlining a new software update it usually starts going out within a few days. So here is to hoping that it doesn’t get pulled for more tweaks before it makes it to the public.

Source: Verizon via Phandroid 



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