[Download] Google Search update rolling out, new voice action and More

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An update is rolling out for Google Search, we all know it better as Google Now and is the same thing really. The update is targeting Android 4.1+ devices and brings in some cool new additions to an app we all know and love. Take a quick read of the new additions.

What’s in this version:

For Android 4.1+ (Jelly Bean):
– Information about shows you’re watching on your internet-connected TV (US only)*
– Saved offers when nearby a redemption location
– New voice action: play music from your phone or the Play Store
– Voice actions tips
* Requires phone/tablet to be on the same network as your TV

I am pretty excited about the music voice action and voice actions tips. While playing music with voice isn’t all that new, it does link into Google Play Music now. At least, that seems new to me.

Google Now Music Voice Action Google Now Music Voice Action
We see the update on our end, but in true fashion, it is going to be rolling out to all users in stages. You can head directly to the Play Store and see if the update is available for you. If it isn’t, have no fear, you can side load the app by picking up the APK down below. Enjoy guys!

Google Search Play Store Link

Google Search Manual APK Download Via OMG!Droid

Google Search Manual APK Download Mirror

Don’t forget to check out the old list of Google Now voice actions we posted up a while back. There are 66 listed, all are a good time.

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