Dropbox Has Redesigned Itself Today

Dropbox announced a redesign today that introduces new colours into the former white-and-blue UI and logo. The new look includes a flatter box logo that makes it look less like an actual box and more like a surface plan and the overall UI of the website incorporates a larger variety of hues.

Dropbox’s Redesign

The update to the design is the company’s first major redesign in the last 10 years, and it’s a massive contrast to some of the biggest file-sharing competitors like Box, Google Drive, and iCloud — all of which include blue in their logo- like the blue in the old Dropbox logo. The update presents the company as a cooler and more modern version of a file-sharing service. The major redesign of the site includes a new squashed-up font called Sharp Grotesk to compliment the new colour scheme and UI.

In an interview with AdWeek, Dropbox says that they are hoping the new colour scheme helps the file-sharing service to stand out more among the crowd of competitors. Dropbox also mentioned that the redesign is in an attempt to give a “nod to the creativity of our users.”

Though the logo is new, most of the web and app UI remains visually similar. The UI of both the app and the website still remains mostly white with blue and grey accents thrown in as well. The new colour combinations are more likely to be seen on Dropbox’s marketing campaigns and ads than on the actual interface that is used by all users of Dropbox.

The company also noted to AdWeek that it will be rolling out more frequent and improved advertising campaigns “strategically placed in cities and neighbourhoods where creative people tend to live and work,”. As a result of this, it is expected that Dropbox will now place their ads in more hipster cities and in artistic and creative parts of cities.

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