DUH…WINNING! Android is beating Apple 2 to 1

When I first heard of the T-Mobile G1, I thought to myself, “oh great just another stupid touch phone on the market”. But alas, I caved and got me the grandpa phone that started it all, not knowing the little revolution that was to come. A buddy of mine even told me that Google was going to take over the phone market and I just thought whatever, this phone is awesome! As more and more Android phones were born, I took my G1 and hacked, themed, bricked (it happened once), and over clocked that phone until it took its least breath. How I miss that old phone, but it is the one that started it all and look where Android is at now.

As we check with Nielson, in the past 3 months 56-percent of smartphones sold were powered by the OS we all love so much. Apple got a nice little 28-percent which will probably increase slightly due to the iPhone 5 coming soon (or rumored iPhone 4s). RIM got 9-percent and the others got 6-percent. So as of now it’s looking very nice for our little android guy. With the new HTC phones and Samsung Galaxy 2 phones coming out, Apple better pull something out from its sleeve because in the words of the notorious Charlie Sheen…DUH WINNING!

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