Google Play Books updates with over 90 issues and crashes Fixed

Google Play Books
Google pushed an update out to their Play Books app today. For those living under a rock, that is Google book reading app. You can score a ton of great classic books in the Play Store for free and buy plenty of other books that covers the entire spectrum of personal preferences. The app is free and even crosses over and syncs with your tablet and PC. It is a pretty good app. Anywho, Google made an update to it today.  We all love getting updates to apps we use and love.

So what is new int he update, over 90 issues fixed including various crashes. Seriously, that is what it says. They also implemented a number of UI improvements including an added drop-down menu in the library to filter books by type. Not a bad update really.

If you use it often then you will want to pop into the Play Store and pick up the update to help alleviate any current issues you might have been faced with. If you haven’t ever given it a chance, maybe you should. Hit the Play Store link down below to go snag it.

Play Store – Google Play Books



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