How to reset the Samsung Galaxy S6 / Edge when it freezes

It is not usual, but until now if a phone in the Galaxy S range was hanging, all we had to do to restart it was to open the back cover and remove the battery. When the power source is removed, the equipment shuts down regardless of how it has been blocked or that the physical buttons do not work. With the new Samsung Galaxy S6 and Samsung Galaxy S6 edge is no longer so obvious, but the system is still very simple. The iPhone popularized this type of solid designs, in which the user does not have access to internal components of the mobile phone unless you use the necessary tools to open it

Press and hold the power off button

Already before the Samsung Galaxy S allowed to restart the smartphone in this way. To turn off a smartphone it is not necessary to press the power off button and then confirm by pressing the screen. If you keep pressing the power button of the smartphone for about 10 seconds, the power of the smartphone will disappear and go to turn off, you can turn it on again, re-running the operating system and the interface and, therefore, solving any interface freeze. So, you just have to do this to get out of a freeze. Of course, as long as the blockade is not more serious. Sometimes, it is not even worth pressing this button, what can be done then?

Reset with buttons

There is a combination of buttons on the Samsung Galaxy S6 that allows you to reset the smartphone. It is, however, a “soft-reset”, so for practical purposes it will be like restarting the smartphone, without losing all the data of it. To do this, you just have to press and hold the volume down buttons, the main button of the Samsung Galaxy S6, which is the fingerprint reader, and next to these the off button a few seconds. Remember that you have to keep the buttons, do not stop pressing them until those few seconds have passed.

A window will appear informing you that installing a Custom ROM has its problems -because this is what you have to do for when you want to install a Custom ROM-. Since we do not want to install a Custom ROM, press the volume down button so that the smartphone can start normally.

With these two ways, we can restart the Samsung Galaxy S6 or the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge when it freezes without any problem.

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