HTC Must Alter HTC One Radio Components After Nokia Patent Suit

nokia patent suitAs if HTC didn’t already have enough to deal with in the recent months. The Wall Street Journal is reporting that a recent patent suit initiated by Nokia is going to require that HTC redesign some of its radio components in its newer phones, including the HTC One. The judgement passed by the International Trade Commission (ITC) will be revisited in January, and if HTC and Qualcomm (who supplies the radio components) have not substantially altered the design as to not infringe on Nokia’s patents, then the ITC may enforce import bans on HTC’s smartphones to overseas markets.

Hopefully HTC and Qualcomm are able to resolve this dispute quickly as HTC may not be able to afford an injunction on the sales of its newer smartphones. Any thoughts on this Nokia patent suit? Let us know what you think in the comments.

Source: WSJ via engadget


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