iKettle 3.0 Review

One of the most popular technology types is smart home technology. You can already control your lights and your thermostat with your Alexa, and Google Home; but what if you could push a button on your phone or ask Alexa to boil your kettle for you. Smarter’s iKettle 3.0 makes this a reality.

What is the iKettle?

The iKettle 3.0 from Smarter is a smart kettle. “What exactly is a smart kettle?” you may be thinking, and you’d be forgiven for thinking so. Smart kettles have not really been seen on the technology market. Until now.

With the iKettle, you can now tap a button on your phone to start your kettle boiling, or you can ask your smartphone or smart home assistant to boil the kettle for you. This may seem like a pointless task, but it is actually really useful. Thanks to the iKettle 3.0, you can now have your kettle boil a minute before you wake up, so by the time you’re ready to make your drink you don’t have to wait for the kettle to boil. What’s more, is the fact that your kettle can now be on the boil, ready for when you arrive home. Both of those, without the touch of a button. Alternatively, you can ask your smartphone assistant or your smart home assistant to put the kettle on for you.

If you’ve forgotten to fill up your kettle before your cup of tea, you won’t be disappointed after boiling the kettle, because when your kettle is low on water you will receive a notification on your phone to fill it up. However, if you’re a traditional kettle boiler, you can boil the kettle manually by pressing the button on the front and check the water by opening the lid.

iKettle 3.0’s Design

The iKettle 3.0 looks modern. With a sleek silver design, a waterdrop logo engraved on the front, and a base that blends in with the rest of the kettle, the iKettle does not fall short on design. This kettle is a kettle that will fit in any kitchen. The build quality on the iKettle is also of a high standard. The metal is very durable and does not pick up any minor dents or scratches after continuous use. In addition, the flip lid is very responsive to the button press on the kettle and is also very sturdy.

The iKettle 3.0 App

The app for the iKettle looks great. The sleek design of the app not only looks great but provides a fantastic user experience.

In the app, you can control the settings for the iKettle, and check the temperature and water level of your kettle. The button to boil the kettle is obviously in the app, and the time between pressing the button in the app to the kettle boiling is minimal- taking no longer than 2 seconds. The app is updated frequently, but not annoyingly so- I got one app update in the month I have had the iKettle.

The pairing with the iKettle 3.0 is only required for the first use of the kettle and is very quick and painless. Gone are the days of connecting to a product by Bluetooth or in your WiFi settings, and we now are using flashing LEDs to connect to devices. I’m not quite sure how it works- but it works very well and is a cool feature.

The only criticism I have when it comes to the app experience with the iKettle is when you’re first downloading the app. There are more than five apps for the iKettle from Smarter than come up when you search for the app name as instructed to (at least in the Play Store). It took me three attempts to download the correct app the first time.

Where To Buy the iKettle

The iKettle is available for purchase from the Smarter website, and if you are in the UK, you can pick up the kettle from a Lakeland store or their website. The iKettle 3.0 costs £99.99 which is roughly $133.88.

Overall Opinion

Overall, I am very impressed with the iKettle 3.0. The kettle performs perfectly every time and looks great. In addition to this, the kettle is fairly inexpensive, so is available for the everyday consumer.

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