Kindle for Android Review

Kindle for Android Review: Everything you need to know about the Kindle app for Android

Reading trends of people are changing very quickly. Ubiquity of internet and always-on mobile devices are the new platforms of readers. People widely rely on new generation gadgets to read various content from blogs to classic novels. For mobile devices, you have awesome apps to scour for content, read, sync books, and share with friends. Amazon’s Kindle for Android is a globally accepted eReader app for mobiles and tablets. We make a detailed rundown to the Kindle app here.

Getting Started with Kindle for Android

The Amazon eReader app for Android integrates bookstore also. It is not a platform only to read books, but also to purchase content from Amazon store. Kindle for other platforms like PC opens the store in browsers. It is nice that you don’t need leave the mobile app to purchase books or other downloadable content on Kindle for Android. You have the same place both to purchase and read content.

A lot of content is there. Kindle app brings you all the content that other Kindle devices support. From newspapers to periodicals to a large variety of books, you will find yourself among an enormous volume of content. It may be one of the reasons that have crowned Kindle an eminent title in the eReader app market.

Kindle for Android touts a neat 3D carousel interface. Home page is never something terrific, but it shows books very decently. All your books attached with Amazon accounts are shown prominently. You need to tap a book or long-press to enter a book, and while reading, you can just drift to the next pages with a tap somewhere in the margin. Its sync option called Amazon Whispersync integrates the previously purchased books, bookmarks, Notes and more.

The Reading Experience

Kindle for Android affords a great reading experience. In all honesty, its interface is not as nice as most of its competitors. Still, you can read books for a long time and with less strain to your eyes, depending on your device’s screen, however. Once you open a book, it is displayed over the entire screen, with no menu bar or other distractions. To open menu bar, you just need to tap the screen once. One more tap will take it away. Overall, reading experience with Kindle for Android is exciting, and it looks really comfortable for a regular reader of books.

Kindle for Android: The Bad Things

There are certain cutbacks also for the app. First of all, its lack of a gorgeous interface is an important thing. Secondly, you need to enter credit card details even to download free books. There is also no option for you to name bookmarks with your titles. You can’t also lend books.

In the end, if you own a big phone or tablet with Kindle for Android in it, you virtually need no separate eReader like Kindle Fire or like that. Your eReading will go very smoother on the Kindle app for Android. For anyone invested in Amazon ecosystem, Kindle is indeed a rock-solid eReader app.

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