[MIUI Theme] Kgill7 brings Deuces to MIUI

Kgill7 was one of a handful of developers that makes some great themes for CM7. You can still find his work floating around the market and various forums. He hasn’t given up on CM7 themeing in the slightest, but he did recognize the demand for his work to be ported over to MIUI. That is exactly what he has done. He has taken his minimalistic approach to what a theme and device should look like and brought it to MIUI.

If you want to check out more of his work, which I suggest you do, point your browser to his web page at JustReveal.

Feel free to pick up the Deuces theme below. The file will come in a .zip format, so be sure to rename it to .mtz in order to use it. Drop the changed file into MIUI/Themes folder located on your SD card and enjoy.

Download Deuces Theme by Kgill7 


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