Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 Review: a light and elegant case for your smartphone

With sales of the Samsung Galaxy S6 in full swing now, there are no doubt quite a few users looking for a case to protect their beautiful, and yet fragile, smartphone. However, as is always the case when buying a case is: do I buy a case that compromises the beauty of my device by looking too rugged, or do I go for a case that is more aesthetically pleasing, but probably less protective. The Moshi iGlaze for the Samsung Galaxy S6 falls into the latter category, as many of Moshi‘s┬ácases do, and we’re going to take a look at it today.


What’s in the box

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewInside the box is a pretty standard, simple affair: you’ll be getting the iGlaze case itself and a card to remind you that the case has a lifetime warranty. Moving onto the case itself, you’ll be getting a case with a brushed metal-esque finish, although Moshi says that it has used a “hybrid” material to make the iGlaze and it feels a lot more like plastic. Nevertheless, it is a very striking look and would not look out of place at work or home.

The case is actually two-tone, which the back rocking that metal finish and the front edges made of a slightly different plastic. For the most part, you won’t be able to tell the difference at a glance, but the material on the front half is less shiny and more of your standard plastic. The case is also phenomenally light which means you’ll hardly notice the extra weight after adding the case to your Galaxy S6 – Moshi says the iGlaze weighs in at 30 grams.


How does it perform

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAs I mentioned earlier, although the case looks metal, the hybrid plastic the iGlaze is made from is actually very malleable and it was very easy to insert and remove my Samsung Galaxy S6 – not so much that it was easy to pop it out accidentally, but it definitely wasn’t a chore or particularly difficult.

The case provides coverings for all buttons, and although I couldn’t fully test them with my dummy Galaxy S6, they look well articulated and tactile enough to give you feedback as to whether you’ve pressed the button or not.

There’s also ample space for all access points to be reached. The only concern I have with these, in particular the hole for the camera, is that the back of the iGlaze case is actually flush with the outer face of the Galaxy S6 – if you had this sitting on its back all the time, I’d be concerned that scratching of the Galaxy S6’s outer lens would eventually occur. Luckily, this isn’t the case on the other side of the iGlaze as there is quite a substantial lip around the edge to protect the screen of the Galaxy S6.


What I like about the Moshi iGlaze

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewMy favourite part of the Moshi iGlaze is its looks – maybe it’s the brushed metal look or its slim frame, but I really like how minimalistic the case looks, something which has become synonymous with the Moshi brand by now.

It’s also surprisingly protective with plenty of protection for the main parts of the phone, but most of all the screen, something that other minimalistic cases often neglect.


What I don’t like about the Moshi iGlaze

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewAs mentioned previously, my primary concern with the iGlaze is the protection of the camera. Seeing as this is one of the highlights of the Galaxy S6, I’m surprised it didn’t get the same treatment the screen did, though that would make the whole case a little thicker thanks to the protruding camera. That said, that’s just me speculating so I wouldn’t be able to say this is the case long term.

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewI’m also a bit disappointed in the colour offerings – despite Samsung offering a plethora of colours for their devices, the iGlaze is currently only available in the Graphite Black that we reviewed and Carnation Pink (which trades black for grey on the front edge). Then again, if you go for the black version, there’s not much that doesn’t go with black.


Final thoughts

Moshi iGlaze for Samsung Galaxy S6 ReviewOverall, I’m very impressed with the Moshi iGlaze – as always, Moshi’s minimal take on cases is elegant and simple, which is exactly what some people want in a case for their device. It also provides the minimal amount of protection for your Galaxy S6, primarily protecting the display. If what you’re after is a case that provides a little more protection than a naked Galaxy S6, looks good while doing it, and is relatively cheap at $29.95 USD, you’ll want to consider the Moshi iGlaze case for the Galaxy S6.

For more information on the Moshi iGlaze and where to buy it, you can view its product page here.

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