Nexus S reportedly recieving a 2.3.6 Update, tethering fix in Tow

A few weeks ago this nearly identical update dropped for the Google Nexus S and came with a heavy price. It was reported that the update was breaking WiFi and tethering options on the devices that installed it. After this issue was identified to be a constant problem, Google pulled the update to avoid a major disaster. Google has now re-released the update. It is still labeled as a 2.3.6 update, but the build is now GRK39F compared to the previous build of GRK39C.

There wasn’t any official change log for the most recent update, but we have heard that there is nothing new. Google simply fixed the issues that were present in the previous release.

The boys over at AndroidPolice have taken this information a step further and have also provided a full list of instructions for you to manually install the update. They make note that this manual method may or may not work  for the T-Mobile version of the device, sorry about that guys. They also make a note that it may or may not work if you are already rooted. Those of you that are rooted would probably be better off waiting for your favorite developer to get this built into their next release any ways.

If you are addicted to testing out updates and getting the latest software available regardless, then head over to AndroidPolice for install files and full instructions.

Source: AndroidPolice 

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