[Video] Project Glass outed by Google, all I can say is OMG!

There has been on again and off again talk about Google’s Glasses that they were said to be working on. Giving you the power to see and have everything you could need in front of your eyes at all times. The idea is a bit out of this world, but absolutely incredible. The Google team working on this is labeling it Project Glass. They recently started a Google + circle to get the ball rolling in the public eye and to gain feedback as they work. They have put together a short video of what they hope to achieve and how Project Glass could potential look at work one day. I must say, if they can get these to be half as cool as the video is, sign me up for a dozen of them. You really need to watch the video to get the idea.

See what I mean? Pretty insane. There are few images of what the glasses could look like. They look like something out of a Star Trek episode. Definitely much cooler than the image of the sunglasses that were floating around a while back. The current potential outcome offers you a complete window into your world. Being able read and respond to text messages, do video calls, see maps and routes. The possibilities are endless as to how much easier your life would be with a pair.

We would imagine that these could be a stand alone accessory type of unit. Only needing a small battery and pairing to your current phone. It could also be its own complete unit though. Not really sure at this point.

If you want to get in on the conversation, which is already 500 comments deep and 3786 shares large, head over to +Project Glass. Be sure to add them to your circle so you don’t miss  a beat with any new information as they release it.

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