Rokform Galaxy S6 Crystal V3 case plus accessories go beyond protection and into usefulness

I am a naked device kind of person. Manufacturers work hard to deliver a device that looks amazing and then we toss a case on it to protect that beauty, but at the same time detract from its looks. Often times the cases we use are bulky and can even hinder your device use experience, but offer superior protection. Other cases are more for looks and offer  minimal protection, but protection none the less. There are very few cases on the market that offer a little bit of everything along with additional functionality. Incipio shows some style with additional features like card holders and kick stands. Pelican offers outstanding protection and a belt clip that doubles as a kickstand. Those are the sorts of cases I look for. The ones that can do more than just protect my device. Rokform, in my opinion, currently offers the best protection coupled with a laundry list of additional functions that it is almost ridiculous. Let’s take a quick look at the new Rokform Crystal V3 case for the Samsung Galaxy S6 and a few of the separate accessories that are available. Mind you, the accessories aren’t specific to this case, they are cross compatible with all their phone cases and universal kits.

Rokform Crystal V3

The Crystal V3 case for the Galaxy S6 comes with a few things in the box. First you get the one piece case for he phone. It offers up a rubber rim on part the shell at the bottom and top along with the cut out for the camera. The rubber extends on the volume side to allow easy control of your devices volume keys. On the opposite side it rims the case and drops in to allow a rubber button to press the power button. You also get a lanyard and a small round metal Rokform disk. (I’ll clue you in on that in a minute.)

Rokform Crystal V3

The rear of the case is a clear plastic that allows you to still see the rear of your S6 in places. There are two additional features built-in on the rear as well. The lower portion houses a round magnet that is slightly larger than the size of a quarter. There is a soft felt cover over it to keep the metal of the magnet from rubbing your S6’s rear glass. Small side note, they call the magnet BAM. It is short for Big Ass Magnet. The magnet is housed in a rubber grommet that can be removed if desired. The grommet is textured on the opposite side, or back, of the case, but doesn’t protrude at all.

The second additional feature you might notice is an odd cut out that sits just above the magnet. I will explain what that is all about when I get to one of the accessories short.

Rokform Crystal V3 Galaxy S6 (13)Rokform Crystal V3 Galaxy S6 (14)

Before I dive deeper into the additional accessories and functions of the case, lets talk how it fits and feels. Being a one piece case means you will need to push a little to get your device inside. It also means that if you want to take it off, you might have a tough time. After about the 6th time putting it on and taking it off it becomes pretty simple. Mostly because I figured out that if you start pulling from the top corner while pressing from the rear through the camera or the center cut out, it will just ease its self out of the case.

Rokform Crystal V3 Galaxy S6 (15)

I am always a bit leery when it comes to cases that cover access to my volume and power buttons. I have experienced cases that used rather rigid materials that made it near impossible to turn the screen on. The material Rokform used is sturdy, but moves quite easily on button presses. Inside where the buttons res they added a small raised molded rubber form that shortens the push to the button from the outside. In a nut shell, I could use all three buttons as easily as if they were exposed and not covered. The plastic that forms the rest of the case is your typical polycarbonate material.

How the case works

Unlike most traditional cases, the Rokform Crystal V3 serves as much more than a protect barrier between your phone and outside elements. As I mentioned above, there is a magnet inside the case its self. While I am sure you can figure out what to do with it, I’ll still explain a few use cases that I have utilized it for. I recently changed out the alternator in my car. Not being a car guy, I used YouTube to walk me through the process. Being that the car is metal I was able to set my phone on the fender without fear of it falling off while I was watching the tutorial and changing the alternator.

I also used it in the kitchen while I was cooking since the stove hood is metal.

The small disc that comes with the case is metal and more so geared to be used in your car. You use the alcohol prep pad to clean off the dash and adhere it with the 3M adhesive. I haven’t decided where to place the disk yet as I don’t have any really good flat driver facing spots in my Subaru. If placing it in your car isn’t really your thing, you can always adhere it to an other flat surface that isn’t metal. Maybe the wall above your workbench, or next to your PC monitors in your office.

Accessories: The Rokmeister

Rokform Rokmeister

The first additional accessory I landed to add to this case is the Rockmeister. It is a bit ominous looking in the packaging, but it is a bit more useful than deadly. It is designed to click into the back of your case at will. You don’t ALWAYS have to have it on and can easily leave it at home during the week. The Rokmeister serves us two purposes. With it attached it acts as a belt clip for your device. Easily enough explained. Its second use comes when you detach it from the case as it is also a bottle opener. Pretty useful product if when you find yourself out at the lake without a way to crack open a brew.

Rokform RokmeisterRokform Rokmeister

Rokform Rokmeister (2)Rokform Rokmeister (3)

Accessory #2: The Multi-Tool

Rokform Multitool (3)

The second accessory doesn’t have a fancy name like the Rokmeister does, but it does offer up a number of uses that make it pretty valuable. The Multi-Tool is a solid piece of machine aluminum which makes it sturdy, but also light weight. On the front you have a pre-installed Rokform metal disc that allows you to do a couple of things, mostly lets you prop your device up using the Multi-Tool as a removable kickstand.

Rokform Multitool (2)Rokform Multitool (1)

On the bottom of the Multi-Tool you will find a set of holes. One is drilled and threaded to fit a tri-pod while the other is smooth. The smooth hole, I am told, fits on a Golf alignment tool. I am not a golfer so I will just take their word for it. You will also notice that there is a cut out. Again, this little guy is more than capable of helping you open your bottles. The end has a larger whole as well as a smaller set cross drilled. Either of which could be used to attach the Multi-Tool to your key chain if you felt like it. Although, I think it is a little large as a keychainable accessory. However, it is easily attached to a backpack with a Carabiner clip.

The Multi-Tool is offered in the silver black color you see above, as well as an all black and a black with red option.

Overall thoughts

Rokform is one of those companies that takes the basic principal of protecting your valuable investment and gives you added functionality that is easy to use. While I have put a few different cases on some of my devices, the Crystal V3 case is the one I keep going back to. While I do preferr the previous models 2 piece design, the single piece design makes more sense. I have zero issue with the magnet interfering with anything on the device nor have I had issues with the buttons being unresponsive.

Like any other case, it will add a little bulk to your device, but its bulk is easily overlooked by its additional functionality. Rokform doesn’t force you to spend a premium for a ton of accessories packaged together. You buy the case and can grab anything else you want, when you want. If you don’t need a bottle opener on your belt clip, then just buy the belt clip attachment. Don’t want to adhere the Rokform disc to your dash, then get the Windshield suction mount that uses the mounting slot on the rear of the case. Do you hit the back country trails on your mountain bike? Then snag the Bike Mount kit. The whole line up is certainly unique enough to turn some heads anywhere you go.

One annoyance, which is one that might be a sticking point for some, is the magnet. I am smart enough to keep it away from my debit cards, but those that toss them in the same pocket as the case might run into issues. The second semi annoying thing, is again, the magnet. When my phone is in my pocket and the magnet is facing out, it will stick to the car or washing machine when I am close to it. Not a HUGE deal, more so just funny really.

Pricing details 

Rokform could easily charge a premium for all the products, but they don’t.

  • Rokform Crystal V3 case for the Galaxy S6 will set you back $38.99 on Amazon and $39.99 from Rokform. 
  • The Rokmeister currently only showing up on Rokforms site and is set at $29.99.
  • The Multi-Tool will run you $49.99 on

Rokform offers a slew of accessories for a variety of devices, not just the Galaxy S6. If they don’t make a case that suites up your device, you can always pick up the ultra affordable universal adapter. It mounts to the back of most cases, or even straight to your phones back, and gives you all the same versatility as a dedicated Rokform case. Be sure to browse through all their products at and check out the Rokform store front on Amazon.

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