ROM – @baadnwz InsertCoin Sensation Android 2.3.4 for HTC Sensation

baadnewz has released an update to InsertCoin Sensation Android 2.3.4. The latest version is now 2.3.0.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Sensation

2.3.0 - reworked from the ground up - removed Roman`s tweaks due incompatibility with my roms - removed power + home for screenshot- causes problems - get some app from market - all bad scripts removed - cleaned - rock solid and speedy! 2.2.8 - fixed HTC Camera - removed panorama and bitrate selector thou; will be added at a later date 2.2.7 - added Romanbb`s Tweaks in Settings - all personalization like animation glow, crt, enable / disable screenshot feature. etc now can bet set from Interface - awesome work mate thank you - removed forceddualcore - not a good call from my side - not because of battery drain but because after some time cpu1 governor is set to userspace and everything is laggy - ondemand is the default governor you can however use smartass - get cpu master free from market and your set - no wipe needed! 2.2.6 - changed to AUTO PRL instead of WCDMA Preffered, should give battery a boost - cleaned scripts for better transparency - added zipalign script - thx leedroid - added fix permission script - thx Roman (birgertime) - enforced interactive for both cores - thx Leedroid for idea - both cores are awake - from my testing you won`t experience any battery drain, but it don`t like the idea remove /system/etc/init.d/50forcedualcore or move it outside init.d folder. - browser with unlimited tabs - thx Roman (birgertime) - you can even customize the UA string type about:debug in adress bar, hit menu - settings - scroll down to UA string. - fixed Wifi Calling for TMO - added Visual Voicemail for TMO - what i forgot (as always ) 2.2.5 - updated google maps - updated facebook - updated hosts - added google plus - added cifs manager - fixed FC on SU for some users - fixed ring delay - updated libs for TMO users to match 1.45 base - improved scrolling - removed kernel "tweaks" - does more harm than good 2.2.4 - incremental update - has less than 1 mB flash ONLY ON TOP OF 2.2.3 - fixed black screen on incoming calls when CRT animation were used - thanksvladnosferatu for the tip - updated Superuser to beta4
2.2.3 - Updated Android Market to 3.1.3 - Added Browser hack - Custom UI string, 20tabs & more courtesy of Leedroid - Added OpenVpn - Adapted some tunes from SuperCharger V6 script of zeppelinrox to fit better the Sensation and InsertCoin - More free ram - More speed - More battery - NO FULL WIPE REQUIRED FROM 2.2.x 2.2.2 - fixed "Make more storage" in Settings - SD & Phone Storage -> thanks MarlinFF for find 2.2.1 - added smartass cpu governor - AWESOME - set smartass cpu governor as default - AWESOME - Thanks snq- and faux123 for all this! - flash on top on 2.2 or 2.1 2.2 - fixed Hot Restart in Advanced Power Menu - thq snq- for helping - Added WiFi PM=FAST - thanks snq- - if you flash custom kernels is gone! - Added Cifs module - thanks snq - if you flash custom kernels is gone! - removed persistent 3G notification from carrier (TMO Users will love me more) - revised optimization scripts - tweaked GPU Profile for Quality - helpful for games and anything that uses GPU - moved hosts to /system/etc since we are S-OFF and we can write on /system - moved bootanimation and downanimation to /system/customize/resources again because we are S-OFF, and to follow general guidance where ppl tell you to push to /system/customize/resources - added modded camera.apk to support panorama and higher bitrates - thanks m-deejay - added htc battery widget - added htc translator widget - added advanced quick settings - latest hosts file to prevent adds 2.1 PLEASE UPDATE TO LATEST RADIO PROVIDED IN 2ND POST BEFORE FLASHING ROM - Fixed issue for TMO US users - tested phone ok wifi calling ok mms ok - added init.d support - added signature check disabled as default - added advanced power menu as default - updated market (now restore from google account should work - updated gmail - updated voicesearch

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