ROM – @Br1cK-d Ice Cream Zenwich for Samsung Galaxy S/ T-Mobile Vibrant

Br1cK-d has released an update to Ice Cream Zenwich. The latest version is now RC1.6.3.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– Samsung Galaxy S: T-Mobile Vibrant

Change Log

See AOKP Changlog here – or

-AOKP build34 Base (lots of fixes!)
-MPs Build75 FATRAM kernel
-Extra Bacon (I`m gonna start writing this stuff down again as I`m doing it so I can have a real changelog for y`all again, sorry, the mind is a terrible thing to waste.)

-AOKP build33 base
-New Wallpapers in the Launcher
-Fixed the GTalk FC, thanks robertd0619
-I know there`s more, but I`ve been going hard at the green theme, can`t remember what all I did to this on Saturday morning, lol.

-AOKP build32 base
-Zen Toggle replaced the Swagger Toggle
-subZero build70 kernel
-Tweaked Gmail with easier to see buttons

-Updated to AOKP build31 base – more stability and bugfixes

-Updated to AOKP build30 (4.0.4) base (lots of new stuff): and
-subZero Kernel, build61 by mr_psycho, see his signature for download link
-New Inverted Apps – Calendar, Email, Gmail, MMS, People and Dialer, Play Store, and Youtube
-Patched external sd mounting correctly, no longer breaks the USB Debugging resource id`s
-Lockscreen Wallpaper is working

-Updated to AOKP build28 base (lots of new stuff):
-subZero Kernel, build33 by mr_psycho, see his signature for download link
-Reverted back to SuperUser by ChainsDD
-Lock Screen Ripple Mod
-Framework tweaks provided by Annex to get rid of some leftovers from GB and Froyo pop up menus.

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