ROM – @CdTDroiD Pyramid3D XE for HTC Sensation

CdTDroiD has released an update to Pyramid3D XE. The latest version is now V7.8.0.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Sensation

Pyramid3D v7.8.0 – FULL ROM

Flash over any v7.6.x OR Full Wipe if coming from other ROM

  • Updated to Bricked kernel v1.0
    Kernel ChangeLog:
    * Works with 2.3.5 (Sense 3.5 leak)
    * KGSL Early Suspend drivers (saves battery & reduces heat)
    * KGSL Turbo Mode
    * KGSL: Turn the clocks on before the power.
    * drivers: misc: pass miscdevice pointer via file private data (by Samu Onkalo <>)
    * Fixed possible null pointer refference
    * prepared for badass governor (he hasn`t made it in this release )
    * Tweaked ondemand to reduce battery usage
    * Tweaks for the new libs
  • Added Themed wallpapers back into “HTC Wallpapers”
  • Updated Maps to 5.10.1 With WW Navigation
  • Updated Superuser
  • Added screen shot function back due to requests
  • Changed a few libs
  • Updated build.prop
  • Revised init.d scripts
  • Much, much smoother ROM
  • Battery should be a little better

Pyramid3D v7.6.2 – Small Update (11mb)

Flash over v7.6.1

  • Updated Facebook – Again
  • Updated Google+ – Again
  • Revised Adreno Configuration and updated
  • Revised build.prop and made lots of tweaks
  • Changed wifi scanning back to 75 fix wifi scanning errors in low wifi reception areas
  • Added some init.d scripts
    – Permissions fix
    – Speed tweaks
  • Nice little speed improvements

Pyramid3D v7.6.1 – Small Update (12mb)

Flash over v7.6.0

  • Updated Facebook
  • Updated Market
  • Updated Google+
  • Tweaked Media Profiles
  • Added show`s thermal config that i missed
  • Removed a couple of tweaks from build.prop
  • Changed wifi scanning to 150 to save battery

Pyramid3D v7.6.0 – Full ROM

Full wipe needed for new 1.73 base

  • New HTC Sensation XE base off official full RUU 1.73.401.1
  • Updated kernel to Bricked v0.9 @ Max 1.89ghz – 1.51ghz stock
    Kernel Fixes:
    Added Smartassv2
    Fixes 3D Gaming
  • Added Secure Inbox back
  • Added Camera with bitrate selector
  • Added Small fonts
  • Added 5×5 App drawer as stock
  • Updated Daemon Controller v2.2
  • Lots faster
  • Better battery
  • Updated thermal config
    NOTE: Themes will NOT work for now, if you want to use themed ROM use 7.4 or below untill further notice

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