ROM – @dorimanx Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.5 for HTC Leo/ T-Mobile HD2

dorimanx has released an update to Dorimanx-ROM-HIGH-END 2.7.5. The latest version is now 2.7.5.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Leo: T-Mobile HD2

14/08/11 Time 17:20

***Updated to nightly 164!
***Added new changes in SKIN!
***Added lib audio as v2 drizztje!
***Removed Phone Prioritizer app, CRON can be manually installed instead, How To is on page 3 (NOT MUST! only if you know what to do!)
***Added Google.Music as default and removed old one, (can be changed,uploaded deleted apps 164
***Added Auto DIM and brightness driver as Default, the blink driver can be installed manually.
***Set all drivers as was in 2.7.2
***Set Smartass Governor as default, the interactive some times stuck on full power! this is draining battery on standby!
***Added latest WIFI driver.

On boot wait till green light will blink 3 times, then unlock the phone.
Give it chance to load all apps and drivers.

Have fun.

13/08/11 Time 15:30

***Updated small update
***Removed mask for Nexus One, added our HD2!
Now we can download all from market and we no longer masked!
checked, all apps have download button! and we can see lots of apps by scrolling down in market, this is damaged with nexus one mask.

***Update CRON 1.5Added script to clear the file cache, its was disabled by default, didnt see that before.
Dont forget to change timezone in 99wcron

And add your task if any added in /data/cron/root 

This update Replace!
So if you are installing for first time, then install 2.7.4 + +!

Have fun,

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