ROM – @flappjaxxx AOSPxXx JB for Samsung Galaxy Note I717/ AT&T


flappjaxxx has released an update to AOSPxXx JB. The latest version is now 4.1.2.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– Samsung Galaxy Note I717: AT&T

Uploaded on 01/09/2012
AOSPxXx Build 20130109 quincyatt

*ROM Release* Changelog
1. New h0tcakez kernel v3.0!
2. All of the latest CM10 commits from jellybean branch!
3. Updated Montage Icon pack with some great new icons!
4. Much more stuff I forget!


Uploaded on 01/07/2012
AOSPxXx Build 20130107 quincyatt

*ROM Release* Changelog
1. Back from the Dead!
2. Gave the SystemUI a little bit of Transparency
3. All of the latest CM10 commits!
4. Updated Tools with latest installers, recoveries, apps etc!
5. Added in Lockscreen Options in Display and Tweaks
6. Updated user apps
7. More options in stock Launcher!
8. Updated Montage Icon pack with some great new icons!
9. Much more stuff I forget!
10. Much thanks and respect to rquiett for holding it down in my absence! He is the reason it is still here!

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