ROM – @LeeDrOiD LeeDROiD Sensational for HTC Sensation

LeeDroid has released an update to LeeDROiD Sensational. The latest version is now 3.1.

This release is supported on the following Device(s):
– HTC Sensation

Change Log

LeeDrOiD Pyramid V3.3.0 Kernel
  • Modified KGSL Ringbuffer power managment 3D Gaming fix!
  • Fixed scaling_cur_freq
  • addressed issue with second core forgetting min/max clock freq
  • Increased VIDC memory allocation
  • Flashlight now disabled at 15% instead of 30%
  • Lowered WiFi voltages
  • memcopy and memmove improvments
  • Added sysfs attribute to turn GPU DCVS off/on
  • Several configuration changes & cleanups
LeeDrOiD Sensational V3.1.0 ROM 
  • Updated kernel – LeeDrOiD Pyramid-V3.3.0
  • Cpu speed boot time protection
  • Faster boot times
  • Added 2 way call recording support
  • Added sysfs VDD levels interface (snq- & faux123)
  • Fast No Hz RCU (Optimized for SMP operations) (faux123)
  • RCU stall detection
  • Removed more debugging info/routines
  • Default IO Scheduler switched to BFQ
  • Improved stability! random reboots should be fixed
  • Removed recent apps from notifacation pulldown
  • Enabled screen calibration in display settings (for screen calibration, disable compatabilty in spare parts)
  • Fixed contact picture permissions
  • Added Hebrew local codes
  • Several system cleanups
  • Updated Google Maps
  • Updated ES file explorer
  • Updated Rom Manager

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