Sprint drops HTC One pre-order price to $99.99

HTC One Sprint

Sprint is looking to ramp up sales and their customer base when the HTC One finally starts to ship out. They have recently dropped the price on their front page for new customers who are pre-ordering the device from $199.99 to $99.99. As usual, this is showing up for new customers only and the text offers up that it is only for a limited time. Just think though, if you registered to get that $100 kick back from HTC with the purchase of the new HTC One, you are technically looking at getting it for free if you switch to Sprint.

We don’t see any details on how long the offer will be available. It is highly possible that it will hit the store shelves at the regular $199.99 price tag. What is really important though, the 19th is fast approaching and if Sprint is starting to appeal to your pocket-book and location then now is a pretty good time to pull that trigger. Pop over to Sprints website to get your pre-order in for the lowest price available.

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