Stand alone Sound Search released by Google for Android 4.0+ Devices

Hurray!! A new app from Google has found its way into the Play Store. The standalone version of the Sound Search for Google Play has recently been made available to Android 4.0 and up sporting devices. You guys remember that nifty little Sound Search widget we all saw when jelly Bean was introduced, don’t you? Simply place the widget on your screen and tap “What’s this song?’ and you are to the races.

It is sort of like shazaam and sound hound, but from Google. It is very Google Play orientated though. It will only tell you artists and songs that are available for purchase through the Google Play Store. I don’t see that as a terrible thing though. If your favorite song is in there and it pulls up, then you can head right to the Play Store to purchase it and add it to your music collection. Beats going to a bunch of different music sites and trying to figure out how to buy the song easily. The widget even keeps a running tab of your searches, just in case you forget the one song form the one day in your friend’s car.

And if you are sporting Android 4.2, you can even add the widget to your lockscreen. It should go without saying, but we will say it anyways. This is a widget. You need to access your widgets and place it on your home screen to use it. It is not an app that you will find in your app drawer. Be smart, don’t waste time and comments on “I installed it, but it isn’t showing up in my app drawer.” Thank you.

The new Sound Search widget is currently available in the Play Store for that magical price of free. Gotta love Google. Click or scan the QR code below to pick it up.

Application: Sound Search for Google Play
Developer: Google Inc.
Cost: FREE

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