Vodafone UK Announces Apple Watch Series 3 Support

At the moment, in the UK, EE is the only carrier to provide the new Apple Watch Series 3. EE offers the new smartwatch for £24.99 per month on an EE contract with an iPhone, or for £5 extra a month if you have purchased the device directly and already have an iPhone contract with EE. It looks like this will soon be changing, as Vodafone has responded exclusively to us, stating that they will provide the Apple Watch Series 3 towards the end of October.

EE said before, that the reason they were the only carrier in the UK to support the new Apple Watch is because they are the only carrier with technology advanced enough to support the e-SIM featured in the Apple Watch Series 3. It looks like this has changed now, as Vodafone is setting out to strip EE from their title of Apple Watch Series 3 exclusive carrier in the UK.

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The Apple Watch Series 3, is the latest Apple Watch offered by Apple. This edition of the smartwatch was launched at the Apple even the other week in the new Steve Jobs theatre at the new Apple Park. The new Apple Watch comes with new changes such as WatchOS4, LTE support, and Siri support direct from the watch.

Vodafone could not comment on the price they will be offering the Apple Watch Series 3 for because they had not yet confirmed the prices. It is assumed that the prices will be the same, if not very similar to the prices offered by EE at the moment.

Vodafone also confirmed that the new iPhone X will be available for pre-order on October 27th, but could comment on the confirmed prices they will be offering the device for. This can be seen below.

We are aiming to provide reviews of the new Apple products soon, so keep an eye out on the site.

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