Why Android Operating System Rules the Market: Five Major Reasons

Have you ever thought why Android operating system is so popular? It is an unarguable fact that Android reigns over all its rivals. It is notable that Android hasn’t taken a lot of time to ensure its dominance. On its way, Android operating system has to some extent fainted Apple iOS, one of the best mobile operating systems. What benefits do well for Android? How has it become so popular and ever-present? Here we probe into five recognized reasons for Android’s swift growth as a mobile OS.

Open Source and Cheaper:

Android is an open source platform, and so is cheaper. An open source platform gives more freedom to users as well as developers. You can feel the difference looking into the availability of both the hardware and apps for Android. Cheap phones and tablets are widely available with Android, different from any other software. Same is the case in apps. Maybe, iOS App Store will be leading in number of apps, but more free and cheap apps are available on Play Store.

Wide Distribution of Hardware:

Both for iOS and Windows Phone, you have limited hardware only. For iOS, only Apple products – iPhone, iPad and iPod touch – are the options. For Windows Phone, Microsoft partners Nokia and Samsung produce the hardware. On contrary, Android is a free platform, thus resulting in a situation where all major tech makers develop Android devices. You have a big collection of wonderful products from key hardware makers like Samsung, LG, Motorola, Lenovo and more.

Various Size & Innovations:

Android hardware is largely diverse in their screen size, technology and, above all, innovations. You can buy a 1-inch plus smartwatch to a 20-inch size tablet PC, running on Android. Under the title of smartphones, you can find a wide range of devices from small screen models to large 6-inch plus phablets. If you go for Android operating system, you are lucky to find some innovative products also. See, for example, you have tiny wristband smartwatches like Samsung Gear, and curved smartphones like Samsung Round and LG G Flex.

Google Atmosphere:

Android is from Google, the world’s most influential web firm. The contribution rendered by Google to the success of Android through a number of quality apps and services is incalculable. An Android user is really excited to remain in the loop of several useful Google services – from Google Maps to Google Wallet. This is really a remarkable point behind the success of story of Android operation system.

Strong Developer Community:

Well, there is nothing surprising in having a strong developer community for a platform that is free and flexible. As a user of Android, you will be taking advantage from many custom ROMs. Google never wants you to stick on to something that is offered by your hardware maker. In help of developers, you are always free to take the maximum out of Android operating system and hardware.


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