Zero down promo headed to T-Mobile on Dec 11th

T-Mobile Upgrade and Save Promo
It is the holiday season and like with every holiday season carriers jump to get you to upgrade and stay locked into their service. From the sounds of it, T-Mobile will be jumping with another fantastic opportunity to upgrade your device with $0 down out of pocket .

The second wave of offers is being being called “Upgrade and Save.” Not all that catchy, but it still makes a person want to know what the deal is. If you happen to be at that time of the year where you qualify for an upgrade, you have a great chance to save some cash. According to various sources, beginning Dec 11th you can walk into a store and grab one of nine devices with no money down. Check out what’s on the list:

ӢGalaxy Note II
ӢGalaxy Note III
ӢGalaxy S III
ӢGalaxy S 4
ӢSamsung LTE Hotspot
ӢiPhone 5 16GB & 32 GB
ӢiPhone 5c 16GB & 32 GB
ӢiPhone 5s 16GB
ӢOptimus F3

What makes this deal kind of special, is it is geared towards current customers that meet upgrade requirements. We all know how often we see great deals for new customers, but not so great deals for existing. Mailers are supposedly headed out to those customers that are eligible, so keep an eye on your mailbox tomorrow and the next few days.

Any of our readers out there been holding off for that extra special upgrade deal? I think my daughters line is ready, I might just steal her upgrade and grab something.

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